ResizeImage7e6e.aspxStephanie offers a wide range of massage therapies based at Bell’s Brae House in the Dean Village.

Massage is probably the oldest form of medical treatment, a centuries-old technique that is able to induce a state of deep relaxation and healing of the body.

Massage relaxes aching muscles, relieves stress, improves circulation and aids digestion.

By stimulating the lymphatic system, it speeds up the elimination of waste products. The marvellous feeling of well-being it produces afterwards is an added bonus.

Popular therapies include:

Indian Head Massage

Practiced in India for thousands of years to release tension in the neck, shoulders and head, this therapy is also excellent for conditioning the scalp, relieving muscle tension and stimulating circulation and lymphatic drainage.

An effective way to relieve stress.

Sessions are conducted sitting and fully clothed and take place in the Therapy Room at Bell’s Brae House in the Dean Village, Edinburgh.

40 minute session £30

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Natural Face Lift Massage

Incorporating a unique blend of highly effective massage techniques, this treatment acts as a natural facelift and helps you feel and look younger.This hugely sought-after treatment releases the tension hotspots in the scalp, face, neck and shoulder muscles and reduces fine lines by re-training the muscles of the face. Wonderfully relaxing too.

The Natural Face Lift Massage can improve the complexion, remove toxins from the face, prevent facial lines and balance the emotions.

All therapies take place in the Therapy Room at Bell’s Brae House in the Dean Village, Edinburgh

Gift Vouchers are also available.

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Massage Price List
Natural Face Lift Massage (60 minutes) £35
Course of 6 Sessions £189
Full Body Massage (60 minutes) £40
Back, Shoulder & Neck Massage (40 minutes) £30
Neck, Head & Face Massage (30 minutes) £25
Indian Head Massage (40 minutes) £30